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    PS/IS 192 (20K192) - The Magnet School for Math and Science Inquiry

PS/IS 192






Parent Teacher Conferences

 November 3, 2016

12:30 - 2:30pm  and

4:30- 7:30pm

Department of Education Calendar

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Family Fun Night


Come Decorate pumpkins with us!

October  25, 2016,  4:00pm



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Seasonal Flu Vaccine

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Prevent Influenza

Health Bulletin: Influenza/Flu (PDF)
Other languages (PDF): [الإنفلونزا] [ইনফ্লুয়েঞ্জা/ ফ্লু] [流行性感冒 / 流感 (繁體中文)] [流行性感冒 / 流感 (简体中文)] [Influenza / Rim] [La grippe] [Influenza] [인플루엔자 / 독감] [Grypa] [Грипп] [Influenza / gripe] [انفلوئنزا / فلو] [אינפלוענזא \ פלו]