NIA After-school Program:

NIA After-school Program for Grades 6,7,& 8

Monday-Friday 2:30-5:30

Room 317  

Monique Wynn, Program Director  

Kaleem Edwards,  Assistant Director

Phone #: 917-922-4454

Email address:

Danielle Green, NIA Educational Specialist

Catherine Campanella, Assistant Principal/NIA Liaison

Activities Offered In NIA

2018-2019 Activities Offered:

1.Building Beats


3.Arts & Crafts

4.Physical Education

5.Allergic To Salad


7. World Leaders


2018-2019 Initiatives

We're Currently Taking Part In:

1. Global Nomads Campfire Program

2.Leggo My LEGO

3.DYCD Step it Up Competition 

Basketball Game Schedule

The 2018-2019 Basketball Team Schedule Is Forthcoming !

2018-2019 School Year Monthly Calendars