About Us

Our Mission Statement

PS/IS 192, The Magnet School for Math and Science Inquiry is the school of character and intelligence.  At PS/IS 192, each student is special and precious.  Our school mission is to use every minute for every child to excel as a student and as a citizen. 

Instructional Bottom Lines

We will use student work and data to drive focused individualized instruction.

We will maintain a focused implementation of the workshop model in reading, writing, and math.

We will organize our learning environment to support our best teaching practices and student achievement. 

We will use investigative methods to encourage inquiry-based learning in Math and Science. 

The 5 E Learning Cycle Model

Students at PS/IS 192: 

Engage: Learner has a need to know, therefore, defines questions, issues or problems that relate to his/her world.

Explore: Learner gathers, organizes, interprets, analyzes, and evaluates data.

Explain: Learner clarifies understandings discovered, reaches conclusions or generalizations and communicates in varying modes and forms.

Elaborate: Learner applies these conclusions or generalizations to solve problems, make decisions, perform tasks, resolve convicts or make meaning. 

Evaluate: An on-going diagnostic process that allows the teacher to determine if the learner has attained understanding of concepts and knowledge. 

The Engineering Design Process

When conducting inquiry based learning and working on our STEAM projects, we follow the Engineering Design Process in which we: 

Ask: Students as questions that will help them reach their goal and think about their constraints.

Imagine: Students brainstorm ideas and choose the best one.

Plan: Students sketch their idea and list the materials they will need.

Create: Students create a prototype of their idea and test to see if it works.

Improve: Students reflect on ways to make improvements and make changes to their original idea. 

Student of the Month Initiative

Each month, two students from each class are selected by their teachers based on who demonstrated most improved performance or good citizenship.  Students pictures are taken and displayed on the Students of the Month Bulletin Board which is located outside of the main office.  Students also write why they were chosen for the Student of the Month.  

Student of the Month -

September 2022 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vh67GDCq4m5khFzLYq-bEHuktm3lUQDk4-KptKF-2dc/edit

October 2022  October 2022 - List.docx 

November 2022 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rHJ5DoJgGlOOdN1MDMWNTBPY1K9R-yyCFXaV8yjwBXw/edit 

December 2022  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uADHILhXTItYw-dT9NeHX-pFZXXx74kuAeFiRN4GAiQ/edit

January 2023 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YrTSBm5K0GO_BtqdmLMOltGzTi0dBWS1vUqCVzCFENM/edit












100% Attendance and Punctuality Initiative

Each class aims for 100% Attendance and Punctuality as a class.  Each week that they are present and punctual, the class receives the following rewards:

1st Week: Class receives a certificate and No homework of Friday

2nd Week: Class receives a certificate, No homework of Friday, and a pencil

3rd Week: Class receives a certificate, No homework on Friday, and 1 extra period of gym

4th Week: Class receives a certificate, No homework on Friday, and a Pizza Party!