STEAM Education at P.S./I.S. 192

Steam Committee Members

Marissa Garland-STEAM LIASION

Nina Acevedo-Sustainability Coordinator

Erie Mei-Grade 4

Amanda Giambanco-Grade 5

Jenna Russo-Grade 4

Angela Carucci-Grade 4

Jennifer Riddo-Grade 4

Sara DiMartino-Grade 3

Jordan Marino-Kindergarten

Michael Montagnino-Art





STEAM Meeting Info

October STEAM Meeting Minutes 

STEAM Meeting Minutes-September 2023.docx 

November STEAM Meeting Minutes

STEAM Meeting Minutes-November 2023

STEAM Newsletter

Sustainability In Our School

Upcoming Dates: 

Climate Action Day Focus: 

  • Wednesday, December 6: Energy
  • Wednesday, February 7: Waste
  • Wednesday, April 17: Health, Wellness, and Green Space
  • Wednesday, June 12: Water

STEAM Fair Info

District STEAM Expo will be on February 14, 2023.

The school STEAM Fair date will be announced shortly.

Work in the STEAM Lab- October 2023

 Various grades come into the STEAM Lab to focus on many aspects of STEAM education. Grades 3 and 4 are currently focusing on Structural Engineering, while Grade 5 is using thier knowledge of space from the Amplify curriculum to create dioramas.