STEAM Education at P.S./I.S. 192

Steam Committee Members

Marissa Garland-STEAM LIASION

Nina Acevedo-Sustainability Coordinator

Erie Mei-Grade 4

Amanda Giambanco-Grade 5

Jenna Russo-Grade 4

Angela Carucci-Grade 4

Jennifer Riddo-Grade 4

Sara DiMartino-Grade 3

Jordan Marino-Kindergarten

Michael Montagnino-Art





STEAM Meeting Info

October 2023 STEAM Meeting Minutes 

STEAM Meeting Minutes-September 2023.docx 

November 2023 STEAM Meeting Minutes

STEAM Meeting Minutes-November 2023

December 2023 STEAM Meeting Minutes

 STEAM Meeting Minutes-December7th.docx 

January 2024 STEAM Meeting Minutes

 STEAM Meeting Minutes-January4th 1.docx 

February 2024 STEAM Meeting Minutes

 STEAM Meeting Minutes-February 1st.docx 

April 2024 STEAM Meeting Minutes

 STEAM Meeting Minutes-April 19.docx 

 STEAM Meeting Minutes-January4th.docx 

Sustainability In Our School

    Upcoming Dates: 

Climate Action Day Focus: 

  • Wednesday, December 6: Energy
  • Wednesday, February 7: Waste
  • Wednesday, April 17: Health, Wellness, and Green Space
  • Wednesday, June 12: Water

STEAM Fair Info

Important Dates to Remember:

April 15-17: Student projects MUST be submitted to their classroom teacher

May 20-21: Teachers will send down 3 class winners projects for the STEAM Fair

May 22-23: STEAM Fair Judging & Viewing Days

June 13: STEAM Fair Awards Assembly

Work in the STEAM Lab- October 2023

 Various grades come into the STEAM Lab to focus on many aspects of STEAM education. Grades 3 and 4 are currently focusing on Structural Engineering, while Grade 5 is using thier knowledge of space from the Amplify curriculum to create dioramas.       

5th Grade STEAM Projects to create pamphlet's about their reading topics: Natural Disasters

District 20 STEAM Expo-2024

Students in class 8-508 and3-303 represented P.S./I.S. 192 at the District 20 STEAM Expo this year. Grade 8 students created roller coasters using recycled materials and masking tape, while grade 3 students studied animal adaptations and created a new animal based on the environment an existing animal was moved to.  Grade 8 and grade 3 both worked on these projects during the STEAM period with Mrs. Garland. Mrs. Mei and Mrs. Dipaolo accompanied the students in Mrs. Garland's absents along with Mr. Muscarelle who is so supportive of our schools STEAM program.         

8th Grade STEAM Project-Paper Airplanes

Science Showdown Preparations